School Law Video & Papers

Seminar Date: 20 July 2018 

Seminar Location: Melbourne

Chair: Denis NELTHORPE, Chief Executive Officer, WEstjustice

Topic 1: Child Safety: Legal Obligations that Apply Across Australia
Speaker: Catherine BROOKS, Principal, Moores
In the wake of the final report being handed down from the Royal Commission into Institutionalised Responses to Child Sexual Abuse (Royal Commission), Catherine Brooks, Principal at Moores and child safety expert will lead participants through: 
• The key findings of the Royal Commission and what we can learn to stop child sexual abuse in our institutions; 
• The recommendations made by the Royal Commission in relation to the education sector; 
• The lessons from the research about how to prevent predators from working with our children and how to stop them in their tracks before abuse occurs; 
• A national summary of the laws that apply throughout the country and a look at the proposed national harmonisation; and
• Real life case studies and lessons learnt from children and young people themselves – what we can do to help empower them to speak up to prevent abuse.

Topic 2: The School Lawyer Program 
Speaker: Vincent SHIN, School Lawyer, WEstjustice & Melissa HARDHAM, Director of Policy and Community Development, WEstJustice
• Back ground to the development of the School Lawyer Program
• What is a school lawyer?
• How does the school lawyer model look in practice?
• Why do we need school lawyers?
• How is the model funded?
• Where to from here?

Topic 3: Teacher Safety: Obligations of Schools towards Teachers, including Protection from Bullying
Speaker: Chris MOLNAR, Partner & Accredited Specialist in Workplace Relations, Kennedys
• Identify key safety entitlements of teachers on-site and off-site
• Examine key physical and mental health industry risks
• Discuss what schools need to do to protect teachers from child, parental and staff bullying
• Cover legislation and recent cases



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