Mandatory Rule 6.1 for All Lawyers - Video & Papers

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Grace Hotel
77 York Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Date of Seminar: 7 March 2018

Cost: $440

CPD points: Four (4)

Category: Substantive Law, Business Skills, Professional Skills & Ethics

Seminar Programme:

Chair: John SNELGROVE, Partner and Accredited Specialist in Business Law, Curwoods Lawyers

Substantive Law / Ethics and Professional Responsibility
Topic 1: Professional Discipline Regimes
Speaker: Carol WEBSTER SC, Barrister, Tenth Floor St James Hall Chambers
• Uniform Legal Practice Regime
• Range of remedies
• Medical professional discipline
• The NCAT Occupational Division

Ethics and Professional Responsibility
Topic 2: Professional Ethics insights from the Legal Services Commissioner 
Speaker: John McKENZIE, Legal Services Commissioner of NSW 
• Ethics of professional competency 
• Impact of LPUL and co-regulation 
• Effects on clients 
• Digital literacy
• Financial advice and limits of legal services 
• The pressure points for legal practitioners
• Client expectations

Professional Skills / Business Skills and Practice Management
Topic 3: Commercial Settlements – Taxation Consequences 
Speaker: Christopher PEADON, Barrister, New Chambers 
• Reviewing settlement terms for tax implications
• Identifying adverse tax consequences
• Ensuring certainty between the parties as to how tax consequences arise
• Common tax issues to consider in commercial settlements

Business Skills and Practice Management
Topic 4: Communication of Advice to Clients – Lessons for New andSeasoned Lawyers
Speaker: Frances MOFFITT, Regulatory Compliance Solicitor, Professional Support Unit, Law Society of New South Wales
• Communication is key, but how can you improve?
• Rule 7 - so you think you know what it really means?
• Alternatives exist, but what is a lawyer to do?
• Special cases - interpreters, family members, and other people


Grace Hotel
77 York Street
Sydney NSW 2000