Conveyancing: Focus on Strata Title Reform - Video & Papers

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Thursday, 29 March 2018

The Grace Hotel
77 York Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Date of Seminar: 29 March 2018

Cost: $440

CPD points: Four (4)

Category: Substantive Law & Professional Skills

Seminar Programme:

Introduction from Facilitator, Tony CAHILL
Part 1 Using the New edition of Contract for Sale of Land for property
transactions involving multi– dwelling facilities
•    Drafting by Vendors of Contract for Sale documents in larger developments
•    Why is the contract now described as a “Contract for the sale and purchase of
•    land”?
•    the impact of the national unfair contract terms legislation (including the future extension to small business contracts)
•    Issues with formation of contract
•    the dangers of amendments after signing
•    negotiation and drafting of special conditions
•    Deposits – arrangements and special conditions
•    Problems with the use of bonds or guarantees

Part 2 Drafting special conditions in off the plan contracts
•    Are the extra clauses truly ‘special’? Are they truly ‘conditions’?
•    Some common additional provisions, and their potential difficulties
         o    Amendments to the printed form
         o    Deposit ‘top-up’ clauses
         o    ‘Death, insanity or bankruptcy’ clauses
         o    Clauses identifying time for compliance with a notice to complete
         o    Liquidated damages for delay
         o    Off the plan transactions
•    Use of sunset clauses – rescind (allegedly to take advantage of increased values on resale)
         o    Changes to require leave of Supreme Court – section 66ZL Conveyancing Act 1919

Part 3 Special issues for Multi dwelling buildings and apartment Contracts
•    Off the plan schemes
•    Changes to building work, size or location of lots – rescission
•    Reconfiguration of lots between contract and registration
•    Issues in management and control of Common area
•    Strata Corporation and management of common area facilities
•    Issues with Swimming pools – what are the disclosure obligations?
•    Strata Corporation maintenance and repair sinking (capital works) funds
•    Adjustments at Settlement of sinking fund levies
•    Progress in implementing the 2015 strata Acts

Part 4 Hot Topics
•    Purchases from Foreign Nationals
•    Sales to Foreign Nationals and FIRB
•    Disputes with Strata Corporation over repair to common area
•    Capital funds for maintenance and repair

About the Presenter

Tony is widely regarded as an experienced property law commentator with an exceptional depth of understanding.  With his guidance you will undertake a close review of issues in current and core areas of practical concern.  Tony Cahill is a part-time lecturer at the Sydney and Northern Sydney Institutes of TAFE in various law subjects.  He has taught at the University of Technology, Sydney and served on Law Society committees. He is a leading and well respected expert in Property and Conveyancing Law.


The Grace Hotel
77 York Street
Sydney NSW 2000