Global Supply Chains: Regulatory Issues and Challenges - Day 2

3 CPD points

Day 2 - Global Supply Chains: Regulatory Issues and Challenges

(Please see The International Investment Regime for Day 1 morning and Access to Remedy for Day 1 afternoon)

These seminars aim to provide an advanced understanding of how law and regulation relate to current debates about corporate responsibility and the intersection of business with human rights. What would constitute an ideal regulatory and remedial framework on the human rights impacts of business activity? What legal, commercial, political or social forces and factors shape these issues in practice?
The seminars analyse the source, nature, content and practical significance of legal, regulatory, self-regulatory and other frameworks governing the ways in which business actors and activities might affect human rights. The course is of relevance to policymakers, regulators, corporate and financial executives, those in civil society, the media, and the legal profession.

Facilitated by Associate Professor Justine Nolan (Associate Dean (Academic), Deputy Director - Australian Human Rights Centre)


Global supply chains have become a central feature of today’s globalized economy. They ‘account for more than 450 million jobs worldwide’. Corporations, large and small, relentless in their pursuit of new markets, new technologies and lower production costs, have grown increasingly reliant on complex global supply chains to manufacture and distribute their goods. The preponderance of supply chains is evident in developing, emerging and developed economies. In most industries, companies now rely on a series of contractors and suppliers in a range of countries to produce and transport their products. However, this fragmented nature of production, carries with it both benefits and risks. This class will focus on the challenges of regulating global supply chains with respect to their human rights performance and consider a number of case studies.


Room 101, Level 1, Law Building
Kensington NSW 2052