Asian Data Privacy Laws

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Grace Hotel
77 York St
Sydney NSW 2000

4 CPD points

Speaker: Professor Graham GREENLEAF AM, UNSW Law

8.45am     Session 1
Title:     Global context / North Asia I – China & Hong Kong
Speaking points: The global context of 120 data privacy laws; China’s data localization/export restrictions, increasing standards, and criminal and tort law protections; Hong Kong’s stronger principles and enforcement; new Commissioner suggests new ‘GDPR-ready’ law     

9.45am     Session 2
Title:     North Asia II – Japan and Korea
Speaking points: Japan’s new law closer to global standards; Korean penalties exceed the EU; both Japan and Korea create exceptions for ‘big data’; both seek EU adequacy

10.45am Morning Tea

11:00am     Session 3
Title:     ASEAN overview – Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam
Speaking points: Strong enforcement in Singapore; an active DPA in the Philippines; data export restrictions in Malaysia and Vietnam; new law in Indonesia, and more proposed

12.00pm    Session 4
Title:     India  / International agreements and Asia
Speaking points:  India’s ID stalemate – no law, no adequacy; does APEC CBPRs have a future; the relevance of FTAs and Convention 108

1.00pm     Questions and close

About the Speaker
Professor Graham GREENLEAF AM, is Professor of Law & Information Systems at UNSW Australia, and a co-founder of AustLII. He has 40 years involvement in privacy issues, is Asia-Pacific Editor of Privacy Laws & Business International Report, and author of Asian Data Privacy Laws: Trade and Human Rights Perspectives (OUP, 2014).


Grace Hotel
77 York St
Sydney NSW 2000