Vendor Disclosure and Warranty - Do I have to mention it in the contract?

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Grace Hotel
77 York St
Sydney NSW 2000

1:30pm     Introduction from Facilitator, Tony CAHILL
Part 1     Disclosure at general law
•    What are the fundamental disclosure obligations?
•    Defects in title - latent or patent?
•    Defects in quality
•    Exceptions to caveat emptor
•    The impact of the Australian Consumer Law on general law disclosure

Part 2     Contractual disclosure and its limitations
•    Statutory intervention
•    Rationale for vendor disclosure and warranty
•    Variety of disclosure obligations - prescribed documents, implied terms, prescribed warranties and more
•    Disclosure under other legislation - swimming pools and residential building work.

3:00pm     Afternoon Tea

Part 3    Issues with specific classes of disclosure
•    Planning certificates
•    Diagrams showing sewer locations
•    Surveys
•    Building certificates
•    Mine subsidence
•    Strata renewal

Part 4     Possible law reform
•    ORG Discussion Paper on the 2010 Regulation
•    What are the key controversies?
•    The utility of prescribed warning notices
•    Transitioning between the 2010 Regulation and its successor
•    Possible changes to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979?

5:30pm     Close

About the Presenter

Tony is widely regarded as an experienced property law commentator with an exceptional depth of understanding.  With his guidance you will undertake a close review of issues in current and core areas of practical concern.  Tony Cahill is a part-time lecturer at the Sydney and Northern Sydney Institutes of TAFE in various law subjects.  He has taught at the University of Technology, Sydney and served on Law Society committees. He is a leading and well respected expert in Property and Conveyancing Law.


Grace Hotel
77 York St
Sydney NSW 2000