Mandatory Rule 6.1

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Grace Hotel
77 York St
Sydney NSW 2000

4 CPD points

8.45am Introduction from Chair
Chair: John MCKENZIE, Legal Services Commissioner Office of the Legal Services Commissioner

Professional Skills
Topic 1: Best practice for effective advocacy
Speaker: Thomas SPOHR,   Solicitor LegalAid

•    Preparing for court - principles, strategies and resources;
•    Advocacy - common pitfalls, so-called best practice, and the benefits of a personal style;
•    Court craft - how to look like you know what you're talking about (especially when you don't), timing your run, and dealing with obstreperous people in the courtroom.

Substantive Law
Topic 2: The Expert Witness – from engagement to trial 
Speaker: Nicholas NICHOLLS SC, Barrister St James Hall Chambers
• The role of the expert
• Engaging an expert
• Ethical obligations in communications with experts
• The expert opinion – will it stand or fall?
• Challenging expert opinion evidence

10.45am Morning Tea

Ethics and Professional Responsibility
Topic 3:  Brain Teasers – Ethical Twisters
Speaker: Linden BARNES, Ethics Solicitor, Law Society of NSW
• Ethical issues and hypotheticals to test your ethical problem solving
o What are the ethical boundaries in advocacy?
o How do I manage being a witness myself?
o What do I do about the other side’s solicitor who is bullying me?

Practice Management and Business Skills
Topic 4: Diversity, Discrimination and Workplace Dynamics: Cultivating a Safe and Healthy Work Environment
Speaker: Kathryn PETERSON, Special Counsel Workdynamic Australia
• Legal industry and workplace trends, and associated people risks
• Are your policies and procedures appropriate for your people and culture?
• Understanding equal employment opportunity in practice
• What does safety risk management look like in the legal sector?
• Bullying prevention and best practice in people leadership

12.55pm – 1.00pm Questions and Close


Grace Hotel
77 York St
Sydney NSW 2000